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Ottawa Highland Dancing Association

OHDA Photo Gallery - 2012-2013 Season

See here for pictures of competitions from Oct 2012 - Feb 2013

February Choreography

Solo Winners
Broadsword Group A Winners
Broadsword Group B Winners
Broadsword Group C Winners
Duet Winners
Trio Group A Winners
Trio Group B Winners
Pre-Premier Group A Winners
Pre-Premier Group B Winners
Pre-Premier Group C Winners
Premier Group A Winners
Premier Group B Winners
Overall Choreography Dancer with Highest Points


Scholarship Awards

Caitlin Stewart Memorial Scholarship Winner



Morning Awards
Beginner Trophy Winners
Overall Beginners
Novice Trophy Winners
Overall Novice
Morning Trophy Winners
Afternoon Awards
Afternoon Trophy Winners
Overall Intermiediate and Premiers



OHDA Member Provincial Reps June 2013
Primary Dancers
Beginner 8 and under
Beginner 9
Beginner 10 Winner
Beginner 11-13
Beginner 14 and over Winner
Beginner 14 and over Winner
Novice 10 and under
Novice 11 and over
Overall Beginners and Novice
Morning Trophy Winners
Intermiediate 10 and under
Intermiediate 11 and over
Premier 11 and under
Premier 12-13
Premier 14-17
Premier 14-17 Winners
Premier 18 and over
Premier 18 and over Winners
Overall Intermiediate and Premier
Afternoon Trophy Winners


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