OHDA Premiership February 18, 2012
Highland Dancing Results

Judges Pipers
Carleigh Leighton(ON)
Keltie Stowkowy(AB)
Derek Davidson (New Hampshire)
Amy Garson (Ottawa)

Premier 7 and Under 11 Years Elizabeth Wood,
Premier 11 and Under 13 Years Lauren Fourney,
Premier 13 Years Sarah Jackson,
Premier 14 and Under 16 Years Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco,
Premier 16 and Under 19 Years Brianna Campbell,
Premier 19 and Under 22 Years Erin Lee,
Premier 22 Years and Over Kayleigh Macdonald,


Premiership Dancer of the Day Winners
Group Dancer
Junior Premiership Dancer of the Day Sarah Jackson
Senior Premiership Dancer of the Day Brianna Campbell

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