OHDA Pre-Premier Competition February 16, 2013
Highland Dancing Results

Judges Pipers
Jan Oakes (ON)
Erin Welk (AB)
Jennifer Wilson (BC)
Derek Davidson (New Hampshire)
Amy Garson (Ottawa)
Beginner 7 Years Jessica Nash,
Beginner 8 Years Allyda King, Mhairi Theobald,
Beginner 9 Years Tara Hanson-Wright,
Beginner 10-11 Years Alexandra Loiselle, Emma Hamilton,
Beginner 12-13 Years Kiera Linton,
Beginner 14 and Over Nicole Strickland,
Novice 9 and Under Christine Walton,
Novice 10-11 Years Sadie Boyes,
Novice 12-13 Years Olivia Chrichton,
Novice 14 and Over Shannon Lamont,
Intermediate 11 Years and Under Janine Reesor,
Intermediate 12 and Over Sarah Millar,
Perpetual Trophy Winners
Trophy Group Dancer
Katharine Robinson School of Highland Dancing Trophy Beginner High Aggregate Emma Hamilton & Alexandra Loiselle
Morrison Lamothe BakeryTrophy Novice High Aggregate Sadie Boyes
Katharine Robinson School of Highland Dancing Trophy Intermediate High Aggregate Sarah Millar


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