OHDA May Competition May 4, 2013
Highland Dancing Results

Loren Macklin-Post, ON

Beginner 8 Years and Under Charlotte Stewart,
Beginner 9 Years Molly Frost,
Beginner 10-11 Years Ana Clara Bouffard Lima,
Beginner 12-13 Years Sydney Barr,
Beginner 14 Years and Over Nicole Strickland,
Novice 9 Years and Under Victoria Gillissie,
Novice 10 Years Maya Siddons,
Novice 11 Years Sadie Boyes,
Novice 12 Years and Over Emma Boyes,
Intermediate 10 Years and Under Paige MacLachlan,
Intermediate 11-13 Years Peyton Seto,
Intermediate 14 Years and Over Angela Mason,
Premier 11 Years and Under Annie Bender (Highland), Annie Bender (Jig/Hornpipe),
Premier 12-15 Years Kaitlyn Murray-MacDonald (Highland) Storey Quinn (Jig/Hornpipe)
Premier 16 Years and Over Marielle Lesperance (Highland) Marielle Lesperance (Jig/Hornpipe)


Perpetual Trophy Winners
Trophy Group Dancer
OHDA Plaque Beginner High Aggregate Sydney Barr
Anna Clara Bouffard Lima
Nicole Strickland
Terry Ann Dolan Memorial Trophy Novice High Aggregate Maya Siddons
OHDA Intermediate Plaque Intermediate High Aggregate Peyton Seto
G L Myles Trophy Premier Highland 11 yrs & under Annie Bender
Runner-up Premier Highland 11 & under Sarah Gillissie
Gillian Luxton Trophy Premier Jig & Hornpipe 11 & under Annie Bender
Duart (Dillon) School of Highland Dancing Trophy Premier Highland 12- 15 yrs Kaitlyn Murrary-MacDonald
Runner-up Premier Highland 12- 15 yrs Storey Quinn
Gladys Forrester Memorial Trophy Premier Jig & Hornpipe 12- 15 yrs Storey Quinn
William B Kerr Memorial Trophy Premier Highland 16 yrs & over Marielle Lesperance
Runner-up Premier Highland 16 yrs & over Kalynda Conley
Harvey Alexander McCallan Trophy Premier Jig & Hornpipe 16 yrs & over Marielle Lesperance
Fred MacIntosh Cass Trophy Premier Dancer of the Day Annie Bender
Marielle Lesperance

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