OHDA Open Competition October 27, 2013
Highland Dancing Results

Judges Pipers
Kendra Jones McGrath (SK)
Mary Munro (BC)
Bethany Bisaillion (Ottawa)
Amy Garson (Ottawa)

Beginner 8 and Under Mackenzie Crawley,
Beginner 9 Brianna Nykilchyk,
Beginner 10-11 Emma Vaughan,
Beginner 12-14 Sydney Barr,
Beginner 15 and Over Kendall Carlsson,
Novice 9 and Under Jessica Nash,
Novice 10-12 Sadie Boyes,
Novice 13 and Over Nicole Strickland,
Intermediate 9 and Under Christine Walton,
Intermediate 10-11 Peyton Seto,
Intermediate 12 and Over Alex Everitt,
Premier 9 and Under Ava Gilchrist,
Premier 10 Lucja Grant,
Premier 11-12 Elizabeth Wood,
Premier 13 Lauren Fourney,
Premier 14-15 Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco,
Premier 16-17 Ellis Gold,
Premier 18 and Over Erin Lee,
Special ST 10 and Under Olivia Stevenson,
Special ST 11-12 Olivia Kyle,
Special ST 13-15 Jannell Walton,
Special ST 16 and Over Kalynda Conley,


Perpetual Trophy Winners and Runners-Up
Trophy Group Dancer
Katharine Robinson School of Highland Dancing Trophy Beginner High Aggregate Sydney Barr and Emma Vaughan
Wallace Trophy Novice High Aggregate Jessica Nash
Macdonald Dancers Trophy Intermediate High Aggregate Peyton Seto
Caitlin Stewart Memorial Intermediate Jig - 11 years old Lilah Nezan
The Luxton/Macdonald Family Trophy Premier 9 yrs & Under Ava Gilchrist
Runner-Up Catherine Wood
Macdonald Family Trophy Premier 10 yrs Lucja Grant
Runner-Up Alyssa MacDonnell
Macdonald Highland Dancers Premier 11-12 yrs Elizabeth Wood
Runner-Up Kaelan Joliffe
Sons of Scotland Trophy Premier 13 yrs Lauren Fourney
Runner-Up Abigael Le
Henry Morgan & Sons Trophy Premier 14-15 yrs Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco
Runner-Up Nicole Chatten
Cameron Highlanders Trophy Premier 16-17 yrs Ellis Gold
Runner-Up Isabella Maestri
Macfarlane Trophy Premier 18 yrs & Over Erin Lee
Runner-Up Kayleigh Jean Macdonald
The Gillian Macdonald Trophy in Memory of Anne Luxton Junior Dancer of the Day Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco and Lucja Grant
Pauline Nash Memorial Trophy Senior Dancer of the Day Ellis Gold
Wendy Ewart Village Maid Memorial Village Maid dance off Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco


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