OHDA Pre-Premier Competition February 15, 2014
Highland Dancing Results

Judges Pipers
Laureen McLaren-Geib (AB)
Jacqueline Smith (ON)
Anne Sutherland (ON)
Bethany Bisaillion (Ottawa)
Amy Garson (Ottawa)
Beginner 8 Years and Under MacKenzie Crawley,
Beginner 9 Years Isabelle Tosh,
Beginner 10 Years Tara Hanson-Wright,
Beginner 11 Years Amanda Cachero,
Beginner 12-14 Years Sydney Barr,
Beginner 15 Years and Over Catherine Bisson,
Novice 9 Years and Under Sophie Hamilton,
Novice 10-11 Years Stephanie Skerrett,
Novice 12-13 Years Alexandra Loiselle,
Novice 14 Years and Over Nicole Strickland,
Intermediate 10 Years and Under Jaclyn Stewart,
Intermediate 11-12 Years Maya Siddons,
Intermediate 13-15 Years Olivia Crichton,
Intermediate 16 Years and Over Angela Mason,

Perpetual Trophy Winners

Beginner High Aggregate (Katharine Robinson School of Highland Dancing Plaque) - Sydney Barr

Novice High Aggregate (Morrison Lamothe Bakery Trophy) - Alexandra Loiselle

Intermediate High Aggregate (Katharine Robinson School of Highland Dancing Trophy) - Jaclyn Stewart

Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)