OHDA Open Competition October 26, 2014
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 10 Years Jordan McNulty,
Beginner 11 and 12 Years Claire Zarull,
Beginner 13 Years and Over Lillianna Grubb,
Beginner 9 Years and Under Sarah Murphy,
Intermediate 10 Years and Under Charlotte Stewart,
Intermediate 11 and 12 Years Madison Tersigni-Jonkman,
Intermediate 13 Years and Over Sadie Boyes,
Novice 10 Years and Under Brooklyn Baker,
Novice 11 and 12 Years Emma Vaughan,
Novice 13 Years and Over Sydney Barr,
Premier 10 and 11 Years Lucja Grant,
Premier 12 Years Elizabeth Wood,
Premier 13 Years Kayla Sutherland,
Premier 14 and 15 Years Lauren Fourney,
Premier 16 and 17 Years Nicole Chatten,
Premier 18 Years and Over Chantal Watt,
Premier 9 Years and Under Ava Gilchrist,
Primary Abigail Ruel-O'Brien,
Special ST 10 Years and Under Sophie Hamilton,
Special ST 11 and 12 Years Kaelan Jolliffe,
Special ST 13 Years Megan Oliver,
Special ST 14 to 16 Years Haley Yerxa,
Special ST 17 Years and Over Rebecca Saaltink,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)