OHDA Open Competition June 13 2015
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 10 Years Noah Yateman,
Beginner 11 Years Sophie Richardson,
Beginner 12 Years and Over Lisanne Boyd,
Beginner 8 Years and Under Abigail Ruel-O'Brien,
Beginner 9 Years Sarah Murphy,
Novice 10 Years and Under Ava McIntosh,
Novice 11-12 Years Mara Ballantyne,
Novice 13 Years and Over Kayla Krystine Manley,
Intermediate 12 Years and under Jessica Nash,
Intermediate 13 Years and Over Christena Lawrie,
Premier 12 Years and Under Kiera Speck-Meek,
Premier 13-14 Years Ashleigh Warren,
Premier 15-16 Years Sarah Millar,
Premier 17 Years and Over Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco,

Beginner Overall:
Champagne School of Dance Trophy
Sarah Murphy

Most Promising Beginner:
Keeper is sponsored by SGA Trophies and Signs;
Perpetual is the Bytown School of Dance Trophy
Madeleine Zarull

Novice Overall:
OHDA Plaque,
Keepers are sposnored by Creative Designs
Kayla Krystine Manley

Most Promising Novice:
Keeper is sponsored by SGA Trophies and Signs
Perpetual is the Margaret Quinn Memorial Trophy
Ava McIntosh

Intermediate Overall:
Marilyn Walker Plaque
Jessica Nash

Most Promising Intermediate:
Keeper is sponsored by Yvonne McLeod
Perpetual is the Margaret McLeod Memorial Trophy;
Jessica Nash

Junior Dancer of the Day:
Keeper sponsored by Yvonne McLeod,
Perpetual is the Ellen Armstrong Trophy
Ashleigh Warren

Senior Dancer of the Day:
Keeper is sponsored by SGA Trophies and Signs
Perpetual is the Reid McKim Memorial Trophy
Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco

Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)