OHDA Open Competition June 11, 2016
Highland Dancing Results

Overall Beginner- The Champagne School of Dance Trophy - 210 – Adeline Barry-Corneau

Overall Novice- The OHDA Plaque - 245 – Ana Antonakos

Overall Intermediate- The Marilyn Walker Plaque - 214- Maya Tucker

Most Promising Beginner- the Bytown Highland Dancers Trophy - 283 – Clare Chen

Most Promising Novice- The Margaret Quinn Memorial Trophy - 191 – Piper Davies

Most Promising Intermediate- The Margaret McLeod Memorial Trophy - 195- Brooklyn Baker

Premier A- The OHDA Trophy- 274 Kiera Speck Meek

1st Runner Up- 297 Paige MacLachlan

Premier B- The OHDA Trophy- 298 Lilah Nezan

1st Runner Up- 264 Alison Jones

Premier C- The OHDA Trophy- 295 Victoria Nichols

1st Runner Up- 271 Katie Donig

Premier D- The Shannon Dougherty Trophy- 213 Storey Quinn

1st Runner Up- 230 Moyra Greig

Premier E- The OHDA Trophy- 232 Sonya Vallis

1st Runner Up- 286 Rebecca Saaltink

Junior Dancer of the Day- The Ellen Armstrong Memorial Trophy - 295 – Victoria Nichols

Senior Dancer of the Day- The Reid McKim Memorial Trophy - 213 – Storey Quinn

Laura Bablitz Memorial Trophy - 213- Storey Quinn



Beginner 10 Years Adeline Barry-Corneau,
Beginner 11 Years and Over Lyla Cameron,
Beginner 9 Years and Under Peyton Russett,
Intermediate 12 Years and Under Elizabeth Moffat,
Intermediate 13 Years and Over Maya Tucker,
Novice 10 Years and Under Sarah Murphy,
Novice 11-12 Years Ana Antonakos,
Novice 13 Years and Over Lisanne Boyd,
Premier 12 Years and Under Kiera Speck Meek,
Premier 13 Years Lilah Nezan,
Premier 14 Years Victoria Nichols,
Premier 15-17 Years Storey Quinn,
Premier 18 Years and Over Sonya Vallis,
Primary Grace Allo,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)