OHDA Open Competition October 30, 2016
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 11 and Under 13 Years Ella Rice Hui,
Beginner 13 Years and Over Jordan Labbe,
Beginner 8 Years and Under Madison MacLeod,
Beginner 9 and Under 11 Years Kate Young,
Intermediate 10 Years and Under Miya Thompson,
Intermediate 11 and Under 13 Years Sarah Murphy,
Intermediate 13 Years and Over Emily Srebot,
Novice 10 Years and Under Talia Morel,
Novice 11 and Under 13 Years Ava Diotte,
Novice 13 and Under 15 Years Fiona Hutchinson,
Novice 15 Years and Over Louise Belanger,
Premier 11 Years and Under Catherine Wood,
Premier 12 Years Bronwyn Juby,
Premier 13 Years Hailey Romain,
Premier 14 Years Samm Sekulin,
Premier 15 Years Kayla Sutherland,
Premier 16 and Under 18 Years Emma Hines,
Premier 18 Years and Over Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco,
Primary A Abigail Porter,
Primary B Carys Churchill,
Special ST 11 Years and Under Alison Cachero,
Special ST 12 and Under 14 Years Jaclyn Stewart,
Special ST 14 Years Victoria Nichols,
Special ST 15 and Under 17 Years Isobel Vaisanen,
Special ST 17 and Over Megan MacDonald,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)