OHDA Open Competition April 29, 2017
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 10-11 Years Overall: Kate MacDonald,
Beginner 12 Years and Over Overall: Sabine Elliot,
Beginner 8 Years and Under Overall: Grace Allo,
Beginner 9 Years Overall: Alison Dunfield,
Intermediate 11 Years and Under Overall: Lauren MacDonnell,
Intermediate 12-13 Years Overall: Bianca McKinnon,
Intermediate 14 Years and Over Overall: Lisanne Boyd,
Novice 10 Years and Under Overall: Peyton Russett,
Novice 11-12 Years Overall: Peter Rogers,
Novice 13 Years Overall: Allison Thomas,
Novice 14 Years and Over Overall: Shadyn Proctor,
Premier 11 Years and Under Overall: Sarah Murphy,
Premier 12 Years Overall: Charlotte Stewart,
Premier 13 Years Overall: Keira Speck Meek,
Premier 14 Years Overall: Jaclyn Stewart,
Premier 17 Years and Under Overall: Kaitlyn Murray-MacDonald,
Premier 18 Years and Over Overall: Alessandra Bruce-Fuoco,
Primary Overall: Abigail Porter,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)