An HONOURARY MEMBER: Any prominent person supporting the aims and objectives of the OHDA may be elected an “HONOURARY MEMBER” with all the rights and privileges of an Ordinary Member save those of voting, of holding Office or of having any interest in the property of the OHDA.

A LIFE MEMBER: Any member, for valuable services, may be elected a “LIFE MEMBER” with all the rights and privileges of an Ordinary Member.

Individuals proposed for Life or Honourary Membership must be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the OHDA and notice of such a proposed nomination must appear in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting as provided for in Article II, Paragraph 3 of OHDA’s Constitution, as Amended November 27, 2016 .

  1. Members elected to Life or Honourary
    Membership must receive a favourable vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. A member who proposes a nomination for Life or Honourary Membership will:
    1. submit the nomination in writing to the Recording Secretary on or before
      the 1st of October preceding the Annual General Meeting;
    2. submit a written resumé of the nominee’s contribution to highland dancing;
    3. should the nominee be elected, the Recording Secretary shall inform the
      nominee that he/she has been elected, making reference to the nominator.